Living in Athens - Greece, a woman, mother of four daughters, an architect, a lover of nature and of the two wheels. A person with great drive and motivation, interested and passionate in travelling and adventure. I always strive for improving my racing skills, giving myself the challenge of aiming for something bigger. “Finishing is winning…” – when I have a goal success is a sure accomplishment. I am known to be persistent and strong, someone not to give up even in extreme or adverse conditions. In my opinion a person can achieve anything with their willpower. Passion, energy, desire for life…driving my motorcycle in off-road trails, travelling to amazing places, preparing the motorcycle and myself for the next race or adventure, either just finishing or winning and getting distinctions is for me the motive to start each day, it is my vision, my passion, my aspiration. Having participated in international events held in Greece and in neighboring countries, and having competed against an international competition is what has inspired me to pursue the challenge of participating in other such events around the globe and in turn, continue to promote and inspire other women in the sport.

Live a life of dreams...